Tomisushi Matsumoto Branch

Tomisushi Matsumoto Branch
Tomisushi Matsumoto Branch located in AEON Mall which is the largest shopping center in Nagano prefecture. It is best for who wants to have a dinner in cozy atmosphere after shopping or on your way back home. Not only Niigata cuisines, you can also experience Matsumoto local delicacy here. We are also offering a variety of sushi menu, course menu and seasonal specialties, such as assorted  sushi platter, home-made buckwheat noodles, etc.All ingredients are well selected in order to make sure our customers can eat the freshest and the finest sushi. Come to visit us and enjoy the best sushi from Niigata.

Counter Seat

Counter Seat

Please ask Sushi Chef for the seasonal fish from the sea of Japan. It is always the best to have freshly made sushi at counter seat.

Box Seat

Box Seat

Spacious box seat should be suitable for small group people and each table is arranged by touch panal.

Tatami Floored Seat

Koagari Seat
(take off your shoes and sit on the floor)

Each table is separated by partition and enjoyable spacious space for 4 to 6pax. Banquet is capacity available up to 30pax. The traditional Niigata artcraft Tochiotemari decrated in the room is expressing the Japanese hospitality.

Small Ballroom

Small Ballroom 1

Spacious space to enjoy the time with friends and families. You can enjoy the pleasant meal experience.

Small Ballroom

Small Ballroom 2

Suitable for banquet for small number of people and modern sytle seats are arranged in the ballroom. Please feel free to contact us to make a reservation.

What's New


  • Seasonal Nigiri Sushi
    (With Fish Born Miso Soup) ¥1,880
    (¥2,068 tax included)
  • Zaru Soba
     (Homemade buckwheat noodles)¥780円
    (¥858 tax included)

Seasonal Recommend

  • 富寿し うなぎ祭り
  • 期間限定 会席コース【新潟駅前店・新潟南店・長岡駅前店・長野駅前店・松本店】
  • デコレーション寿し&パーティー寿しセット

Shop Guide

  • Address1st Floor Kazeniwa of AEON Mall, 4-9-51 Chuo, Matsumoto city, Nagano prefecture.
  • Tel0263-50-7771
  • Opening HoursAM10:00-PM10:00
    varies by AEON Mall.

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